Thursday, May 28, 2015

FireFree Sets Record Collection......and Spotlights New Method for Transporting Debris

Central Oregon's FireFree program has long helped to change attitudes and behaviors about wildfire.  In it's 19th year (!!) of offering free yard debris recycling, the program boasts a record year of collection with 37,959 cubic yard collected across three counties!  

"Residents in central Oregon proved that they understand their responsibility when it comes to wildfire preparedness and are more prepared than ever for our fast approaching fire season," commented Alison Green, FireFree Program Coordinator. 

At one of the collections sites, residents brought their defensible space debris ON BICYCLES - demonstrating that even a barrier such as not having a truck or trailer to haul debris will not hinder their efforts to be more prepared for fire season.  

FireFree is a year-round wildfire prevention and mitigation program in Central Oregon.  Learn more at

Source:  Alison Green, FireFree

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