Friday, April 24, 2015

Bi-State Sage-Grouse Will Not Be Listed Under ESA

Fantastic news!  

On the California-Nevada state line, a geographically distinct population of sage grouse once faced a precarious future.  Today, that’s changed, thanks in large part to the an unprecedented partnership effort by the Bi-State Local Area Working Group and proactive conservation efforts of private landowners.
This week's decision by the Fish and Wildlife Service that the Bi-State sage grouse no longer needs protection under the Endangered Species Act proves that diverse partners committed to a shared vision works to achieve wildlife conservation. The Sage Grouse Initiative is proud to be a partner in the proactive conservation efforts and to support sustainable ranching practices that give this important bird species a brighter future.
Read the press release from the Department of Interior here.
Read the Bi-State Working Group Fact Sheet here

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