Monday, February 2, 2015

Fuels Management Program Benefits Sage Grouse in Utah

The Utah BLM places high priority on conserving, maintaining and restoring sagebrush landscapes on public lands as a primary means of preventing the sage-grouse listing under the Endangered Species Act. Their fuels management program provides one of BLM’s best lines of defense through habitat conservation and maintenance treatments aimed at reducing fire behavior characteristics in and adjacent to sage-grouse habitat. Read more about Utah BLM's investment and results here.

Panguitch South Canyon BEFORE treatment
Utah BLM is part of the Utah Catastrophic Wildfire Reduction Strategy which has led to mitigation efforts to remove Pinyon-Juniper that has encroached on historical sagebrush communities.  

Panguitch South Canyon AFTER treatment
Telemetry data showing sage-grouse traveling into Pinyon Juniper treated areas

Utah BLM is demonstrating the collaborative principles of the Cohesive Strategy by conducting treatments across jurisdictional boundaries to protect communities and provide landscape level benefits for the sensitive habitat.  Utah BLM routinely works with private landowners, the Utah Division of Forestry, NRCS and Utah’s Watershed Restoration Initiative to accomplish projects. 

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