Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Early Wildfire Warning System Designed by a Kid!



Thirteen year old (yes 13!) Sahar Khashayar built a device that detects wildfires (and home fires) and sends an alert even before smoke is seen.

Young Sahar entered a science contest and won second prize (really, that's it?) for designing a device that detects different types of fires, not just those that produce smoke, and sends a message to someone about the fire.  Wildfire detection currently relies on someone witnessing the smoke and making a call to 911 or local fire agencies.

And she made it for less than fifty bucks! 


Her prototype measures about 6 by 9 inches, relies on fairly simple computer technology and can easily be mass produced.  She envisions several of these devices scattered throughout the woods, communicating with each other.  Thatta girl.  

This could be the next great technological tool that greatly impacts the opportunities to make decisions regarding wildland fire before the situation becomes catastrophic.  GENIUS. 

I wonder who in the fire world will be knocking on her door first!   


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