Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Preparedness Level 5!

I stand corrected - the NW has been at Preparedness Level 5 for almost three weeks!  

"Today marks the 20th day that the NW has been at Preparedness Level 5.  In that same amount of time we've marked almost 900 new fires, burned a million acres and over 30 IMT deployments.  We've currently experienced a hard fire season's worth of activity and we still have roughly 8 weeks of fire season ahead," reports Dan O'Brien, Center Manager for the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center. 

"Managing fire at PL 5 requires us to take measures beyond those we've successfully used before.  We have to be clearer in our communications, smarter in how we deploy resources, and most importantly, understand that the more comfortable we feel in terms of the firefighting resources we have, the more pain we inflict on those incidents and units that are doing without," O'Brien adds.  

Dan O'Brien's statement is spot on - be clear, smart and understand the impact of our choices.  Well said.   

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