Thursday, July 3, 2014

Preventive Efforts Pay Off

We know fires are going to occur.  We know a small percentage will grow large and require serious efforts to suppress.  Soooo, the Cohesive Strategy promotes efforts to take preventive action to reduce the effects of these large fires, protect our firefighters and our communities.  

Sometimes we don't see the value of these efforts until a large fire event occurs.  The Funny River Fire on the Kenai Penninsula in Alaska provides us with a fantastic example of Cohesive Strategy behavior and elements of success under all three goal areas.  Take a look:

The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is a designated wilderness area where very little mechanical activity can occur, especially on a fire. Communities here are adjacent to the Refuge....contributing to the complexity of managing this fire.  

The collaborative decisions and preventive actions taken by the Alaska Division of Forestry, the US Fish & Wildlife Service, private land and homeowners (Firewise efforts!) allowed for a safer level of firefighting, and an extremely helpful fuel break to drop the fire to the ground where it could be picked up by firefighters and protect communities, homes and residents.  

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